Tantric Sensual Gay Massage Acton West London

All ethnicity welcome.  Discrete sensual gay male Massage in Acton. No Hands Tantric Gay Massage West London

Near Acton Central Station on London Overground. Available 7 days, 9am to 9pm, appointment only. 85 GBP for 90 minutes.

This is unique tantric sensual gay massage. Through my love of touch, since 1993, I have evolved a powerful and pleasurable style of massage. I’m the only male Masseur offering it.

From my observations, men want deep, powerful, nurturing and unusual massage, with a mature masseur. This is what I aim to do. My one aim is always to make every massage better than the previous one. Good personal development.

This Tantric gay massage is unique, since I seldom use my hands. It is a mixture of very special, carefully chosen, magical ingredients:

A tranquil studio, with pleasing appearance.

Studio in day time. What you see when you come in


Relax when you arrive. Take a seat. Chairs and table

Tell me a bit about you. Tell me what you want from your massage. Unwind. Let’s slow you to a quiet calm. To tranquillity.

Bay window area of studioEnjoy either natural daylight, through frosted glass, or have blinds drawn.

Or, you may prefer soft coloured light from Turkish Pendant lamps and candles.

Float, with gentle smooth music.

Have a lovely big hug, and breathe with me. Connection.

Refreshments on table

Have a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocoate, or a glass of water. Your choice.

When you’re ready, I’ll help you onto the Massage table, which is comfortable, and well presented for your Massage.

Then, with my arms, head, shoulders, legs and physical body contact, you will be Beautifully Squished, Perfectly Twisted, Lavishly Rolled, Sensually Vibrated, Sacredly Enveloped and Powerfully Rocked. Savour the flavour of Tantric sensual gay male massage from a skilled, mature Tantric Masseur. Special, signature Massage.

I’m located in Acton, W3, ideally placed for most public transport links, from Shepard’s Bush, Hammersmith, Ealing Broadway, West Ealing, Ealing Common, Chiswick, Kew and Richmond.

So if you want exquisite dedicated, special signature massage, call me to book your Massage.